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Our company which manufactures different and original designs in the field of Corporate Textile has participated in tenders organized by many public institutions and organizations and has won the appreciation and appreciation of institutional officials and product users in the work of 112 Emergency Summer and Winter Duty clothes of approximately 4000 staff of 14 of the remaining 14 provinces. In order to reach the light, we know that we must challenge the darkness and we run without stopping. We are competing with today, we offer the most suitable solutions for your expectations. We ensure that we are always strong and safe in all circumstances, and we look for sustainable peace... We come from the other side of the road as you All 100% in domestic and national product development processes; In the light of years of experience and experience, we are grateful to everyone who shares their product expectations and valuable ideas ... We are developing with you, growing with you …
Anadolu Traffic is a design and production company founded with the idea of ​​"A very simple measure taken in traffic saves lives!" And aims to find the best solutions to possible problems by followin
MFK Plastics comes to be known and has a voice in a while in the sector by being innovative and lead, having quality products and presenting its service and customer satisfaction since its foundatio
YUKSELEN METAL MOULD PLASTIC INDUSTRY LTD. established in 1988 in Konya, initially began the sector ,by manufacturing plastic metal moulds as a contract manufacturer. In the year 2000, the business